Deep Anal Penetration

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Men with large penises find deep anal penetration more exhilarating. Though it’s often stigmatized, anal sex provides a natural way of engaging in a sexual activity. In fact, people have had anal sex for decades. Today, you can even book nevada brothels that allows you to engage in anal sex with her. That means you don’t have to restrict yourself to the conventional women in your circle if they can’t engage in this sexual activity with you.

Basically, the anus is filled with nerve endings. These give some people amazing sensation when stimulated. Though majority of the nerves are situated at the opening of this hole, some people love deep penetration. So, how do you ensure deeper anal penetration?

Try the Right Sex Position

The sex position you choose will influence how deep you can penetrate the butthole. Although a cowgirl sex position is fine, it won’t let you enjoy more fun. There are sex positions that will enable you to enjoy better, deep anal penetration. If unsure about your girlfriend’s ability to practice these positions, book experienced companion to try them out first.

Stay On Top

A woman sitting on a man’s lap is among the best sex positions that allow for deep anal penetration. This position enables a woman to control the depth of penetration depending on her comfort.

From Behind

This anal sex position is ideal for partners that are comfortable with each other. Essentially, a woman should be comfortable with allowing her man more control. A doggy style allows deeper penetration with different variations.

Use a Lubricant

Any time you have anal sex with your partner, using lubricant should be a must. Lubricant makes anal sex safe and comfortable. The anus is not stimulated to become lubricated naturally like a vagina. Therefore, to make the experience better and safe, use a lubricant. Silicone-based lubricants are the best because they are more slippery and they last longer. However, these lubricants corrode latex because of their high oil content. That means condoms tend to break faster.

It’s advisable that you avoid oil-based lubricants because they can damage latex condom’s integrity. If unsure of what best for you, ask the experienced pornstar escorts you wish to hire or go for unflavored, unscented, water-based lubricants.

It’s also important to note that though pregnancy is not a risk, using condom when having anal sex should be a must. That’s because a condom protects you from the widespread STIs.

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